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Intel SCB2SCSI Dual Socket 370 Pentium III ServerWorks ServerSet III HE-SL Motherboard

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  • Model: SCB2SCSI
  • Manufacturer: Intel
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Intel SCB2SCSI Motherboard Socket 370 Dual Pentium III

Intel provides a wide variety of motherboards for exceptional value ensuring that all of the innovations applied are properly developed and evaluated. Intel offers extremely innovative feature-rich motherboards that optimize the power and performance of modern processors. Intel continuing commitment to apply innovative technologies to improve the user's computing experience makes these feature-rich motherboards just the perfect choice for your multimedia entertainment system. Note that Intel motherboards are tested for today's market conditions to ensure their performance years down the road. All of them are designed and produced to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability.

Processor Class : Intel Pentium III Processor(s)
Number of Processors Supported : 2
Chipset Used : Server Works ServerSet III HE-SL
Front Side Bus Supported : 133 MHz
Memory Types Supported : 6 GB (max) Registered ECC SDRAM 133 MHz DIMMs
Number of Memory Slots : 6
Video Integrated : ATI RageXL SVGA PCI video controller with 8 MB of video memory
Audio Integrated : None
Network Controller On-Board : 2x Intel Fast Ethernet Controller supports 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX
Onboard Device : 2 serial ports
IDE Mode Supported : 2 Parallel ATA IDE interface with ATA-100, RAID-0,1 support
SCSI Controller On-board : Adaptec AIC7899 Dual Channel - 2 Ultra160/LVD channels
AGP Slot : None
Slots Available : 2 PCI 32bit/33MHz
1 PCI 64bit/33MHz