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Supermicro X7DB8 5000P Dual Core Xeon LGA771 SATA (Raid) PCIX LAN E-ATX Motherboard

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  • Model: X7DB8+
  • Manufacturer: Supermicro
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  • Warranty: 90 Days



Built upon the functionality and the capability of the 5000P (Blackford) chipset, the X7DB8+ motherboard provides the performance and feature set required for dual processor-based servers with configuration options optimized for communications, presentation, storage, computation or database applications. The 5000P (Blackford) chipset supports a single or dual Intel 64-bit dual core processor(s) with front side bus speeds of up to 1.333 GHz. The chipset consists of the 5000P (Blackford) Memory Controller Hub (MCH), the Enterprise South Bridge 2 (ESB2), and the I/O subsystem (PXH). The 5000P (Blackford) MCH chipset is designed for symmetric multiprocessing across two independent front side bus interfaces.


Item specifics

Brand SuperMicro


Memory Type DDR2

Sockets Type LGA 771