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SUPERMICRO SUPER X6DH8-G2 - mainboard - extended ATX - E7520 ( X6DH8-G2-O )

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  • Model: X6DH8-G2
  • Manufacturer: Supermicro
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  • Warranty: 90 Days


Product Description

The X6DH8-G2 supports single or dual Intel Nocona processors at an 800 MHz front side bus. Based upon Intel's NetBurst microarchitecture, the Nocona processor supports the IA-32 software and includes features found in the Xeon processor such as Hyper Pipelined Technology, which includes a multi-stage pipeline, allowing the processor to operate at much higher core frequencies. Packaged in a 604-pin Flip Chip Micro Pin Grid Array (FC-mPGA4) platform in a Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket (mPGA 604), the Nocona Processor, which supports Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel EM64T, is ideal for high performance workstation and server environments with up to two processors on one system bus.

Technical Details

Compatible Processors?á?á Xeon
Mainboard processor socket Socket 604
Max Processor Speed 3.6 GHz
Chipset Type Intel E7520
Data bus speed 800 MHz
BIOS type Phoenix
Storage key information ATA-100 , Ultra320 SCSI (RAID) , Serial ATA-150 (RAID)
Supported RAM Technology?á?á DDR2 SDRAM
Supported RAM Integrity Check ECC
RAM Installed ( Max ) 0 MB / 16 GB (max)
Supported RAM Speed PC2-3200