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SUPERMICRO SUPER X5DPR-iG2+ - motherboard - extended ATX - E7501 - Socket 604

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  • Model: X5DPR-iG2+
  • Manufacturer: Supermicro
  • Availability: Yes
  • Warranty: 90 Days


SUPERMICRO SUPER X5DPR-iG2+?á - motherboard - extended ATX - E7501 - Socket 604

Product Description

Supermicro motherboards are designed with the utmost attention to detail to provide you with the highest standards in quality and performance.


Wake-on-LAN allows for remote network management and configuration of the PC, even in off-hours when the PC is turned off, this reduces the complexity of managing a network;
3 tachometer fan connectors (for CPU, chassis, and thermal control fans);
Keyboard wake-up from Soft-off;
CPU frequency settings - changeable in BIOS setup;
Connector for LED overheat indicator;
External modem remote ring-on when system is in Soft-Off state;
BIOS rescue hot keys for rescuing BIOS chip from flash failure;
Control of power-on mode for recovery from AC power loss;
One WOL (Wake-On-LAN) connector;
One chassis intrusion header.