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Agilent AT-2700FTX NIC PCI Ethernet Card 100Mbps Fiber QFBR 5896 845-04443

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  • Model: AT-2700FTX
  • Manufacturer: Allied Telesyn
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  • Warranty: 90 Days



Allied Telesyn PCI bus adapter cards are designed to get the maximum performance from your PC. By off-loading almost all of the Fast Ethernet networking functions to the adapter card, the CPU in the computer is free to run applications faster. The card also operates in both full and half-duplex modes, allowing the user to double the performance of the network. The dual-capability AT-2700FTX network adapter delivers the ultimate in evolutionary flexibility by combining 10/100TX and 100Mbps fiber on the same card.

Item specifics

Manufacture: Allied Telesyn
Model Number: AT-2700FTX
Compatible Port/Slot: PCI
Max. Data Rate: 100 Mbps
Network Ports: Fiber
Type: 10/100TX and 100Mbps fiber