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Maxtor 6H500R0 7200 RPM 16MB 3.5" ATA/133 Hard Drive

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  • Model: 6H500R0
  • Manufacturer: Matrox
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Maxtor 6H500R0 7200 RPM 16MB 3.5" ATA/133 Hard Drive

In today's digital world you can't have too much storage capacity - and the more you have, the better able you are to keep, work with and back up very large amounts of data and bit-intensive files like high-res photos and high-def video. That's why the voluminous Maxtor DiamondMax 11 drive, with up to half a terabyte of storage in one 3.5-inch drive, makes so much sense. Couple this vast capacity with fast seek times, large buffer and enhanced reliability and you've got the perfect drive for systems and applications that demand the best.

Capacity: 500GB
Spindle Speed: 7,200RPM
Interface Type: IDE / ATA (3.5")
Disk Size: 3.5"x1.0" (Low Profile Hard Drive)
Sustained Throughput (MBps):
Average Seek Time (read/write ms): 9
Electrical Interface Speed: EIDE / Ultra ATA/133 - 133MBps
On-Board Cache: 16MB