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HITACHI Travelstar 7K100 HTS721080G9AT00 (0A25023) 80GB 7200 RPM

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  • Model: HTS721080G9AT00
  • Manufacturer: Hitachi
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  • Warranty: 90 Days



The Hitachi Travelstar series of hard drives is a solid industry leader in performance and reliability. The 7K100 80GB model is a second-generation wonder that offers extreme data throughput, thanks to a sizzling 7200rpm spindle speed, but that sizzle doesn't translate to waste heat because the 7K100 uses sufficiently less power than other drives that the extra heat isn't generated to begin with! Hitachi's own battery life extender technology, a power management suite allowing you to extend battery life and power consumption, keeps things calm and quiet, too, with a low power idle of less than a watt.


Series: Travelstar 7K100
Model: HTS721080G9AT00 (0A25023)
Packaging:: Bare Drive


Interface: ATA-6
Capacity: 80GB
Cache: 8MB
Average Seek Time: 10ms
Average Write Time: 11ms
Average Latency :4.2ms
RPM: 7200 RPM