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Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 Bulk Single 1821900-R

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  • Model: 1821900-R
  • Manufacturer: Adaptec
  • Availability: Yes
  • Warranty: 90 Days


Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 Bulk Single 1821900-R (Bare Card Only)

No Software, No cables.
This 64-bit PCI-to-SCSI adapter performs at up to 160 MB per second and allows for the connection of fifteen SCSI devices. Provides an internal 68-pin LVD SCSI connector, an internal 68-pin Ultra Wide SCSI connector, an internal 50-pin Ultra SCSI connector, and an external 68-pin LVD SCSI connector.




Supported Operating Systems:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Red Hat Linux
  • SUSE Linux
  • Novell NetWare
  • Sun Solaris
  • Unix
  • IBM OS/2
System Requirements:
  • Intel PC or equivalent
  • Available PCI slot
Key Differentiators:
  • 64-bit PCI (32-bit compatible)
Bus System Interface Type:
  • 64-bit PCI (32-bit compatible)
Customer Needs:
  • Total performance solution on a single channel card
External Connectors:
  • One 68-pin HD for LVD SCSI devices
Data Transfer Rate:
  • 160 MB/sec
Number of devices:
  • 15 devices
System Environment:
  • Server
Internal Connectors:
  • One 68-pin for LVD SCSI
  • One 68-pin for Ultra Wide SCSI
  • One 50-pin for Ultra SCSI