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Adaptec ASC-29160N Ultra160 SCSI PCI Card

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  • Model: ASC-29160N
  • Manufacturer: Adaptec
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Adaptec ASC-29160N Ultra160 SCSI PCI Card

Product Description

Adaptec's Ultra160 SCSI products are the storage I/O solutions ideally matched to the ever-increasing demands of bandwidth-hungry applications. Adaptec's Ultra160 family features Ultra160 SCSI (LVD) technology, delivering twice the speed of Ultra2 SCSI and four times that of Ultra Wide SCSI. To ensure data integrity and reliability with high performance, Ultra160 SCSI includes two new additional features - CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checking) and Domain Validation. Adaptec's exclusive SpeedFlex technology guarantees the preservation of legacy investments while eliminating the risks of migration.

Technical specifications

Device Type ?á?á ?áStorage controller - plug-in card
Interface Type ?á?á ?áPCI
Depth ?á?á ?á6.9 in
Height ?á?á ?á3.9 in
Storage Controller
Controller Interface Type ?á?á ?áUltra160 SCSI
Data Transfer Rate ?á?á ?á160 MBps
Supported Devices ?á?á ?áHard drive, tape drive, removable media drive, scanner
Channel Qty ?á?á ?á1
Max Storage Devices Qty ?á?á ?á15
BIOS Type / Vendor ?á?á ?áAdaptec?á