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3COM 3C996-SX Gigabit FIBER-SX Server Network Interface Card

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  • Model: 3C996-SX
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3Com Gigabit Fiber-SX Server NIC (3C996-SX)
Time for a bandwidth upgrade? Choose 3Com gigabit fiber-SX server NICs and guard against interference, packet snooping, and signal degradation - ideal for long cabling distances, high-security LANs, and noisy environments. Plus, these NICs deliver an impressive throughput boost, advanced server features, and more.

Main Features
Manufacturer Sku 3C996-SX
Brand 3com
Product LineGigabit Fiber-SX
Model 3C996-SX
Data Transfer Rate 1000 Mbps
Interface Type PCI
Bus 64-bit PCI
Operating System Compatibility PC, Sun
Enclosure Type Plug-in card

Networking Speed 1000 Base TX
Networking Connection Type Gigabit Ethernet
Network Transport Protocol TCP/IP
Network Ports 1 Ports
Network Security 128 bit Encryption