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Toshiba 40GB MK4025GAS (HDD2190)

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  • Model: MK4025GAS (HDD2190)
  • Manufacturer: Toshiba
  • Availability: Yes
  • Warranty: 90 Days



The Toshiba Super Slimline hard disk drive is an internal storage solution for notebooks. Information pack-rats will jump for joy when this 40GB hard drive is installed. It's ideal for multi-functional mobile PCs and other applications, such as telecommunications products, printers, copiers, GPS systems and MP3 players. Silence is golden and this hard drive adheres to the golden rule, incorporating a Fluid Dynamic Bearing motor drive for whisper quiet performance. It sports a 100MB per second data transfer rate, 8MB buffer, spindle speed of 4200RPMs, an average seek time of 12ms and has a ATA-6 interface. Don't delay,


?á?á?á * Device Type: Laptop Hard Drive
?á?á?á * Form Factor: Internal
?á?á?á * Interface Type: ATA-6
?á?á?á * Storage Capacity: 40GB
?á?á?á * Data Transfer Rate: 100MB
?á?á?á * Spindle Speed: 4200
?á?á?á * Average Seek Time: 12ms
?á?á?á * Buffer: 8MB
?á?á?á * Environments: PC