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Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz 533MHz 512KB L2 Cache 604pin - BX80532KE2800D

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  • Model: BX80532KE2800D
  • Manufacturer: Intel
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  • Warranty: 90 Days


Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz?á533MHz 512KB L2 Cache 604pin

Product Description

The Intel Xeon Processor with Intel NetBurst micro architecture delivers innovative technology to meet the requirements of high-performance server and workstation computing environments. Dual processor platforms based on the Intel Xeon processor provide outstanding performance and headroom for front-end and small business servers, as well as compute-intensive workstation environments. The result is faster response times, support for more users, and enhanced scalability for your customer's IT infrastructure.

Technical Details

?á ?á Mfr Part Number: RK80532KE072512
?á?á?á Process Type: Intel Xeon processor
?á?á?á Frequency: 2.80 GHz
?á?á?á FSB: 533 MHz
?á?á?á Cache: 512 KB
?á?á?á Process: 0.13 micron
?á?á?á Socket: Socket 604
?á?á?á Power Consumption: 74 W
?á?á?á Package: OEM